in public storage facilities is indispensable link of the whole chain of transit transport services.

STAR ZLÍN a.s. offers both CUSTOMS and NONCUSTOMS premises at close quarters of D1 highway.

We dispose of:
  • HALL I, built in 2000 according to up-to-date technologies provides up to 3.600 m2 divided into three separate parts at 1.200 m2.
  • HALL II was completed in 2006 and provides 2.400 mof hidden area divided into three separate parts at sizes 600 m2, 600 mand 1200 m2.
  • concrete, open, uncovered and fenced areas cca 6000 m2
  • external storage facilities, which we are using at demand for the capacity exceeding available capacity of our storage grounds.

All our storage facilities are roofed-over and protected against external influences. Modern saving technologies take care of protection and enable us to maintain a stable temperature for your goods all year round. The premises are secured against theft and fire and are attached to alarm receiving centre.

Storage facilities basic parameters:
  • Storage area ceiling height 6 - 9 m
  • floor capacity 4000 kg/m2
  • two blind ramps, 5x gate enabling entry of  truck into the storehouse
  • sufficient manipulation and access area 
  • sheating by means of PUR panels
  • all manipulation equipment (high-lift and low-lift trucks, palletizers) is at our disposal

We´ll ensure:
  • unloading, intake, delivering from storage, loading
  • routine handling
  • electronic stock records (receipts cards, stock release notes, inventory records, ...)
  • palletizing
  • coupling of shipments, separation of shipments, their packaging
  • marking of goods
  • foliation
  • label gluing

When you use our customer service you don´t have to solve problems such as:
  • searching for suitable storage premises (which you are mostly not able to use on 100%)
  • acquiring and servicing of storage technology
  • employment of storeroom workers
  • keeping stock records
  • insurance of your goods during the storage

Advantages of STAR ZLÍN a.s. public bonded warehouse:
  • possibility to not pay duty until delivering of goods from storage
  • EU protective and political measures don´t apply to goods stored in VCS
  • liability on customs debt in VCS STAR ZLÍN a.s.
  • perfect availability of approach to R55, highway D1 cca 2 km
  • The premises are outside  of flooding area

Our company answers fully for taken over goods for the whole period of its storage. Taken over goods is insured as well.

STAR ZLÍN a.s. company offers a number of storage rates. They depend on the area size and storage length.

We will prepare an individual offer for you according to the following specifications.

Standard working hours on working days are from 7.00-15.30, according to client´s needs.


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