customs services

are offered by our company since 1993.                                                              

 For our clients there are two customs offices at disposal:

Both workplaces serve for customs clearance of goods from third countries and as well for processing of  statistical reporting INTRASTAT.

Offer of custom declaration services includes among others:

What will you get at cooperation with our customs declaration?

Standard working hours are the same as working hours of individual customs offices (7.00 - 15.30) but in case of need it conforms to our clients

Informace k pravidlům původu zboží k Dohodě mezi EU a Japonskem
Zelená nafta v roce 2019
Zelená nafta v roce 2019
Aktualizace seznamu zvýhodněných zemí využívajících Systém REX
Zelená nafta v roce 2019
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