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What´s Intrastat?                                                                                                                             

INTRASTAT is a statistical system serving for assessment of data about goods movement within the European Union. Its usage started in the beginning of 1993, when the internal customs frontier was cleared and the rules for free movement of goods within single market.

Who must process statistical reports?

Duty to present data for INTRASTAT concerns persons registered in the Czech Republic as VAT payers. People based in the Czech Republic registered as VAT payers at relevant customs authority and people based abroad become reporting units. This means persons registered as VAT payers on other EU member state and persons based in third countries, for which tax liability has originated in the Czech Republic in terms of provisions of § 94 ds.11 of law of value added tax registered as VAT payers at Prague 1 tax office.

The above mentioned persons are obliged to present data in INTRASTAT reporting (they are becoming reporting units) in linkage to exceeding of liberating value threshold defined separately at accepting of goods and separately at shipping of goods which is subject to presenting.

To present data in INTRASTAT is a legal obligation and if it´s breached, a penalty of up to 1.000.000,- CZK can be imposed.

Am I obliged to present data?

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What will our customer obtain?

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Zelená nafta v roce 2019
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