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STAR ZLÍN a.s. company was established in 1993 as a public limited company. In 1998 it was transformed into a joint stock company.

The company product is provision of complete logistic services including customs clearance, processing of statistical reporting INTRASTAT, storage and distribution of goods including the possibility of provision of freight service throughout the Czech Republic.

For this purpose there was a modern logistic centre built in Napajedla, consisting of commercial offices, storage facility, manipulation and parking area and petrol station ÖMV.

Another office is on the premises of the container trans-shipment station of METRANS company in Zlín-Lípa.

Our professional team takes care of our customers with the aim of offering our customers high quality of provided services, fully meeting all incurred needs.

STAR ZLÍN a.s. company is fully responsible for proper and high-quality performance of provided services.
The company philosophy is provision of services on high, professional level and continual improvement of its activities, observance of law and competition rules, and last but not least care of its staff satisfaction.

STAR ZLÍN a.s. company offers you "FULL SERVICE" at a reasonable price.

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  STAR ZLÍN a.s.

  Kvítkovická 1527

  763 61 Napajedla


  tel.: 577 922 411- 413

  mobil: 777 720 188



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